Stock Quote Widgets, Tools, and Data API's for your website. FinancialContent provides information from NYSE, Nasdaq, and other sources.


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Stock Quotes - XML

thumb thumb Get A Stock Quote Demo! If you are an advanced developer, you can also directly get access to most of our datasets through our web services.

XML Feeds

Get access to intraday stock quotes, historical data, fundamental data, and news and leverage the simplicity of XML to manipulate the data. By partnering with us, you will easily secure all the proper entitlements to the content along with the assurance that you are working with reliable and timely data.

CSV Feeds

We also offer comma-delimited feeds for the developer that wants to get a snapshot of the entire market throughout the business day. Work with a lean, fast-loading and reliable dataset packaged into a much smaller footprint.

  • Our stock quote feeds are ideal for application developers.
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