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Stock Quotes - Widgets

thumb thumb thumb thumb Get A Stock Quote Demo! If you are looking for a stock quote widget for your website, you have come to the right place. We deliver the widget through the use of a Javascript code that can be easily added to your HTML source code for seamless integration into your webpage.

Pricing Data, Change, Volume, and More

The widget can simply display the latest price of the stock, the change value, the percentage change value, and volume representing the total number of shares traded on the latest trading day. The widget can be expanded to include datapoints, such as the intraday high and low as well as market cap, price/earnings ratios, and other fundamental data. And, of course, the stock quote widget can be expanded to include information about more than one stock. Stock watchlist widgets are among our most popular products.

Advanced Option

If you are an advanced developer, we can give you a JSON script that lets you load the stock quote widget asynchronously. This mechanism lets your webpage completely load before our widget is displayed.

  • Our stock quote widget solution is ideal for publicly-traded companies. Combine it with our chart widget, the press release and news tracker, and a listing of the latest SEC filings to put together a compelling investor relations webpage.
  • FinancialContent currently delivers more than 100 million stock quote widgets a month.
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