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Local Stocks

thumb thumb thumb thumb Get A Local Stocks Demo! If you want to establish your position as the leading newspaper, television or radio station in your area, you can use our tools to help your audience stay up-to-date with local companies.

Local Stock Watchlist

Create a watchlist to track local companies. Delivered as a widget, the local stock watchlist includes links to stock quote webpages that gives your readers more detailed information about each company.

Media Index

You can also take your local stock watchlist to the next level by creating a media index. You editorially select the companies that are important to your industry and to your region. We'll do all the calculations, normalize the index to a benchmark value, and backfill the historical data. Then, going forward, we'll track the value of the component values and update the index value throughout the trading day. We make it easy for your users to access stock market data about the component companies. Then, we gather the latest news, blogs and podcasts about the component companies. Periodically, you get to update the list of companies to reflect changes in your region.

  • Our media index solution is ideal for newspapers that want to track local companies. The media index will instantly attract a loyal following of readers, investors, and employees.
  • FinancialContent currently manages more than 500 indexes covering all 50 states and more than 100 industries.
  • Are you looking for a basic stock quote widget? Learn more.