Stock Quote Widgets, Tools, and Data API's for your website. FinancialContent provides information from NYSE, Nasdaq, and other sources.


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Financial Portals

thumb thumb thumb thumb Get A Financial Portals Demo! Are you building a financial website? Are you adding a business channel to your website? Then discover Studio 5, our flagship financial portal solution.

Market Summary

You start with a market summary page that gives you an overview of market activity as well as a summary of the benchmark indexes.

Stock Quote Information

By entering a stock ticker symbol, you'll then get instant access to all the information related to an individual stock, including pricing data, fundamental data, charts, news, financial blogs, financial podcasts, company profiles, SEC filings, historical data, executive biographies, and more. You can monitor the performance of your favorite stocks by using the stock watchlist feature.

More Features

In addition, you get access to special sections covering bank rates, currencies, energy and metals prices, personal finance, and world markets.

Private-Label Customization

Most importantly, the financial portal will capture the "look-and-feel" of your brand and seamlessly integrate into the user experience of your website.

  • Our financial portal solution is ideal for newspaper and television websites since they offer global, national and regional market coverage.
  • FinancialContent was the first company in the financial media industry to aggregate business blogs and to include them in its financial portal solution.
  • Do you want to create your own stock watchlist or index? Choose the companies that you want to track, and we'll build it for you. Learn more.
  • Are you planning to build your financial channel from scratch? You'll need a stock quote feed. Learn more.