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Content Syndication

Are you a publisher of financial news or financial applications? Using our platform, you can syndicate your content to a network of more than 1000 online financial websites.

News Syndication

Using RSS or Atom, syndicating on our platform couldn't be easier. Just create your feed, and tickerize it using the specifications at

Canvas Publishers

If you are a publisher with truly compelling content that can easily be categorized by stock ticker symbol, then we encourage you to consider joining our Canvas Publisher program. You become a preferred publisher on our network with a dedicated canvas page that you can develop and control simply by passing parameter values. You will have an opportunity to introduce your content to other FinancialContent publishers and to have your content featured prominently as a link in the navigation bar of their financial channel deployments.

RSS feed tips

  • Tip #1: Use the free service Use the free service at to make sure that your RSS feed are well-formed. This easy-to-use tool points out errors and suggest possible fixes.
  • Tip #2: If you write about stocks, we recommend that you tickerize your RSS feed. That way, your headlines will surface whenever users are looking up a stock quote.
  • Tip #3: Make sure your headlines are solid. Check for spelling errors. A professional tone gives your publication a lot more credibility.
  • Our content syndication program is open to any publisher of business content, including newspapers, television stations and radio stations.
  • Are you building a financial channel for your website? Learn more.