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GlobeNewswire is a press release newswire and multimedia service with one of the world's most extensive distribution networks. Since our inception, GlobeNewswire has helped fuel competition by offering superior service at the lowest price in the industry.

GlobeNewswire has been an industry trendsetter with many firsts in the industry. These "firsts" include a free online clip report; delivery of news via html emails; a newsline and website for Homeland Security releases; an online customer service center; the first to eliminate a 15-minute delay in disclosing financial releases to all media; and the initial wire service to offer IR website management.

GlobeNewswire helps ensure its clients will be complying with disclosure requirements of the Security and Exchange Commission, including new Regulation FD and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act guidelines. GlobeNewswire helps companies, organizations, groups and PR agencies reach media throughout the globe. Its distribution network includes thousands of daily and weekly newspapers, wire services, online sites/databases, as well as hundreds of thousands of financial desktops.

GlobeNewswire is the only press release wire to offer its own investor relations website service, as well as webcasting, teleconferencing, interactive annual reports, EDGAR filings products, broadcast fax and email -- including html emails and email tracking.

GlobeNewswire's breadth of services and its commitment to excellence makes it uniquely positioned to fully serve the needs of our clients and the media now and in the future.