Stock Quote Widgets, Tools, and Data API's for your website. FinancialContent provides information from NYSE, Nasdaq, and other sources.


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We partner with many of the top publishers and data providers in the financial media industry.

Data Providers

We work with Morningstar, OpenCompany, and SIX Telekurs to provide data from the U.S., Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Wire Services

We carry press releases and media releases from more than twenty wire services, including Business Wire, GlobeNewswire, Marketwire, and PR Newswire.

RSS Publishers

We were the first company to aggregate ticker based content using RSS. We currently work with more than 2000 publishers aggregating the top news headlines, financial blogs and financial podcasts.

Canvas Publishers

We provide publishers with compelling content to deliver and manage dedicated webpages on our platform. Our canvas publishers include Wikinvest, Media Sentiment, PredictWallStreet, SocialPicks, Stockhouse, and more..