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XML Quote API - Version 2.0


XML Quotes offer simple delivery of pricing data for up to 25 securities per request. Compatible with most content management & web services, XML Quotes offer rapid error-free data integration. Data is pulled via HTTP, with integrated GZip Content-Encoding to minimize bandwidth requirements.

Retrieving data using HTTP

Once you have your demo URL, you should be able to retrieve an XML Quote by putting the supplied URL, along with the ticker symbols you would like to request into your web browser.

For Example, to retrieve an XML Quote for Yahoo!:

Or, to retrieve data for several symbols:

XML Response Structure

As the ability to add fields is very important to us, we do not supply a reference DOCTYPE. Any unknown elements should be ignored.

Certain properties are maintained:

The root element of all responses is a <Quote> element

Inside each <Quote> element are multiple <Record> elements, each of which contain data for a single security

XML Response Sample

XML Fields

The following fields exist as children of the <Records> element

Field Name Data Type Meaning
RecordID String Ticker Symbol (As Requested)
Ticker String Ticker Symbol (Normalized)
CompanyName String Long Company Name
ShortCompanyName String Short Company Name
Exchange String Long Exchange Name
ExchangeShortName String Short Exchange Name
ExchangeCode String 2 or 3 letter prefix code for exchange
LastTrade Integer Last Trade Time, seconds since epoch format (Jan 1, 1970)
Volume Integer Cumulative Volume
Last Floating Point Last Trade Price
Open Floating Point Open Price
High Floating Point Day's High Price
Low Floating Point Day's Low Price
Close Floating Point Previous Close Price
ChangePrice Floating Point Today's Change ($)
ChangePercent Floating Point Today's Change (%)
Bid Floating Point Bid Price
Ask Floating Point Ask Price
BidSize Integer Bid Size (# of shares)
AskSize Integer Ask Size (# of shares)
EPS Integer Earnings Per Share
SharesOutstanding Integer Shares Outstanding
High52 Floating Point 52 Week High
Low52 Floating Point 52 Week Low
High1Week Floating Point 7 Day High
Low1Week Floating Point 7 Day Low
Price1WeekAgo Floating Point Price 1 Week Ago
Price1MonthAgo Floating Point Price 1 Month Ago
Price3MonthAgo Floating Point Price 3 Months Ago
Price6MonthAgo Floating Point Price 6 Months Ago
PriceYTD Floating Point Price Year to Date
Price52WeeksAgo Floating Point Price 1 Year Ago

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