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Snapshot Quote API - Version 4.0


Snapshot Quotes offer simple delivery of full-exchange real time & delayed market data in industry standard CSV format. Data can be pulled using HTTP, with integrated GZip Content-Encoding to minimize bandwidth requirements.

Requesting a sample file

To request a sample file, please submit a request with your account representative.

Retrieving data using HTTP

Once you have your demo URL, you should be able to retrieve a snapshot by putting the URL in your web browser. Each line in the snapshot corresponds to a symbol, and each symbol has a collection of fields associated with it.


1435179015000,321:5847,T=1435176906,C=72.91,O=72.73,H=73.16,L=71.83,P=71.96,p=71.96,B=68.11,A=83.58,b=100,a=100,V=504102,o=1,E=NY,S=TCO 1435150800000,537:6669,T=1418692200,C=10.35,O=10.35,H=10.35,L=10.35,P=10.35,B=10.35,A=10.36,b=15100,a=87400,o=1,E=NQ,S=CPWR 1435177805000,321:7960,T=1435176905,C=52.393,O=52.93,H=52.93,L=52.192,P=52.192,p=52.192,B=51.83,A=52.03,b=100,a=100,V=458,o=1,E=NY,S=RWV 1435178928000,537:10016,T=1435177800,C=28.80,O=28.64,H=29.03,L=28.52,P=28.59,p=28.59,B=28.59,A=28.66,b=300,a=100,V=19726,o=1,E=NQ,S=SENEA

Mandatory fields

Each line has a variable number of fields. The first 3 fields are mandatory, and all other fields are optional.

The first fields are:

The [Timestamp] field is the last time the symbol was updated in our database, and is in milliseconds since the epoch format. (Number of milliseconds since Jan 1st 1970)

The [Symbol Identifier] is an opaque field which contains a unique identifier for the security

Optional Fields

After the Mandatory Fields, a variable number of optional fields may be present. The optional fields consist of key=value pairs, which contain information about the security. These fields are unordered, and any unknown keys should be ignored, as new keys may be added at any time

Key Data Type Meaning
S= String Ticker Symbol
E= String Exchange Code (see table below)
P= Floating Point Last Trade Price
P= Floating Point Last Trade Price
p= Floating Point Today's Closing Price (Updated at End of Day)
V= Integer Cumulative Volume
T= Integer Last Trade Time
O= Floating Point Open Price
H= Floating Point Day's High Price
L= Floating Point Day's Low Price
C= Floating Point Previous Close Price
B= Floating Point Bid Price
A= Floating Point Ask Price
b= Integer Bid Size (# of shares)
a= Integer Ask Size (# of shares)

Exchange Codes

Code Exchange Name
NQNasdaq Stock Market
NYNew York Stock Exchange
OBOTC Bulletin Board
OPOther OTC / Pink Sheets
TSXToronto Stock Exchange
TSVToronto Venture Stock Exchange
DJIDow Jones Indices
IXOther Indexes