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Business News RSS feed

FinancialContent has a built in keyword search feature that allows anyone to grab a free business news RSS feed. We syndicate content from many news sources and make it available to developers for use in a widget, for example. Our business news RSS feeds contain press releases, headlines and full-text articles.

News by Stock

To get a news feed on a specific stock, just add the ticker symbol of the company you are tracking at the end of the following URL after the "Symbol=":

For example, if you are looking for a business news feed on Facebook, ticker symbol: FB, you use the following URL:

News by Keyword

To get a news feed on a specific keyword, add that keyword to the end of the following URL, after the "Category=":

For example, if you are looking for business, market news on Greece, add the keyword Greece to the URL, such as:

Current FinancialContent clients:

To drive traffic to your own hosted finance channel, replace the URL in the example with your own InvestCenter URL.

For example, the RSS feed URL should read:

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

News by Source

If you are interested in an RSS feed from one of our syndication partners, you can find a list of popular news feeds at the following page, in the left column:

Look for the RSS button at the top right of the category page you've selected to get your RSSS feed.

Syndicate your Business News Feed

Drive traffic to your business and stock market articles by syndicating your content on FinancialContent's network. Learn more about our RSS syndication of financial and business content here.

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