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Monetizing Financial Content

We draw from over 50 different datasets allowing us to provide you, the publisher, with all the information your readers are looking for. Our stock market service includes top headline news, stock market information, local stocks and custom indices.

The way we differentiate ourselves from the competition is by providing free stock quote widgets and private-label finance channels at no cost to publishers who meet a certain pageview minimum.

How it works

Our fully monetized solution works in the following way:

We determine the licensing value of the solution based on your site's size and bandwidth usage and then credit back this monthly dollar amount in the form of an "Ad Inventory Assignment Credit".

In exchange for this Ad Credit, our publisher-partners assign FinancialContent advetising inventory. Typically, one large IAB advertising unit (300px x 250px) attached to the stock market data widgets that can be placed anywhere on the publisher's site.

Additionally, FinanialContent fills the advertising inventory within the white-label finance channel pages. At the end of each month, we split the advertising revenue.

At any time, our ad-supported publishers can opt-out of the Ad Credit and pay the negotiated licensing fee.

This solution allows publishers to focus on editorial while providing their readers with all the latest stock market information. No need to manage any advertising partnerships, we just cut you a check every month.

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