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DNS Masking & Secure Server Setup


For clients wishing to truly preserve their URL structure, we offer the ability to display our content under a subdomain that you own. This is often called 'dns masking' and is accomplisher by putting a link to our server into your DNS zone file.

Picking a subdomain

The first step is to pick a subdomain where our content will reside. This subdomain must currently be unused.

For example, if your domain name is, the following would be good choices for a subdomain:

Initial DNS Setup

Once you have chosen a subdomain, you will need to create a 'CNAME' record in your DNS which points to the server:

Please make sure to use this name: if you were to use our IP Address instead, your site would go down if that server failed or was taken offline, and your traffic would not be load balanced across our back-end servers.

If you have access to your zone file, you would add a line such as:

Make sure to include the trailing dot, as this signifies that this CNAME points to an external domain name.

Alternatively, if you manage your DNS through a web based control panel, you would enter something similar to this:

Secure Server Setup

Our servers support all types of current SSL Encryption and is accessible using HTTP or HTTPS. However, when you set up DNS Masking, our existing security certificate will not be valid for your domain name, and if you request a page using HTTPS, your browser will issue a security warning. You can either use standard HTTP, or alternatively, you can procure an SSL Certificate for your domain name. In this situation you should contact your account representative to set up a technical call where we can assist you in procuring this certificate, as it can be a fairly complicated process.

Finalizing your Setup

After setting up your DNS, it may take up to 48 hours for your changes to propagate. Once we see that your CNAME is set up, we will configure our systems to authorize your domain name. Before this is done, any link to that domain will redirect to our home page. This is ordinary behavior and will not happen once your account has been configured.