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Integrating Private Label Pages

How they work?

Our hosted pages contain templated content which we stylize to match your site, which is then wrapped with a "wrapper file" which contains your site's HTML.

The pages are either hosted on or are "DNS masked" to appear on your domain.


Setting Up a Wrapper File

A wrapper file is an HTML file which is hosted on your website, and contains the header and footer for your site, separated by a placeholder which our system uses to insert our templated content.

If you are using a content management system, the simplest way to set up a wrapper file is by creating a new pages in your CMS, which contains the following HTML tag:

Example HTML tag:

If you are not using a CMS, you will need to manually upload a new HTML file to your server which contains, the header & footer HTML which you wish to use, separated by a placeholder.

Example HTML: