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Financial Pages

Templated stock market information which integrates seamlessly into your site

FinancialContent offers templated financial pages for your website, including global stock market data, financial news, regulatory filings and more. Using our cutting edge technology platform we can seamlessly integrate these pages into your website.

Our financial pages are customized to the look and feel of your website and become indistinguishable from content which you create in-house.

Fully monetized

Our financial pages come fully monetized, with industry standard IAB sized ad placements throughout the content. Using our in-house Advertising Network, we can either fill these ad placements for you or you can fill them with your own advertisers.

Deep integration

Using our domain masking technology, our financial pages integrate silently and deeply into your site, where they become indistinguishable from your own content to users and search engines.

Data coverage

We work with hundreds of different content creators to bring you the most relevant, up to date local, national and international content available. To see a list of our content offering, please see our content guide.

Our financial pages are available for licensing, or on an ad-supported basis.

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