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Dow Jones announced last week that it was undertaking its biggest change-up in the last 10 years.

Since 1885, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has been a major indicator of the US market's health. 30 major US companies make up the index. As of last week, 3 new companies have been added and 3 have been removed from the Dow 30.

Alcoa, Bank of America and Hewlett-Packard are being dropped from the index.

The Dow Industrial Average is an essential piece of content to many of our clients. FinancialContent would like to welcome the following companies to the Dow 30:

Visa Nike Goldman Sachs

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After Facebook's IPO in May 2012, the social media industry is about to see another one of its major players go public in the coming months.

Twitter has announced its intention to IPO soon and FinancialContent will be receiving the data as soon as trading begins.

To make sure you cover Twitter's IPO, FinancialContent will put out free widgets similar to our 2012 Facebook IPO widgets and Zuckerberg Net Worth tracker. Will Dick Costolo (CEO) and Evan Williams (Founder) become overnight billionaires? FinancialContent can provide you with rendered solutions that can complement your articles and cover everything your users want to read about when Twitter IPO's.

So keep checking in on our website or in our newsletter or to make sure you're kept in the loop and notified as soon as a Twitter IPO widget is released.

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