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The latest addition to FinancialContent's widget library is the Energy Widget. With the upcoming election, Energy is a hot topic and what better way to show the current state of the Energy industry than through a widget that includes price percentage change and charts of commodities as well as industry indexes?

This widgets can be used to complement an article or placed permanently on a relevant page. Whether it's by sector, product or geography, FinancialContent can provide you with the widget you need.

All of these datapoints can be used in a custom or existing FinancialContent widget.

You can also create your own watchlist by sector, industry or geography. Why not even your own custom index?

We have made this widget available for free — grab your copy of FinancialContent's free energy widget here.

Or today to get your own custom widgets and hosted finance channel.

FinancialContent's stock market widgets are fully customizable. We can match any chart color gradient to your site. Font sizes and styles can also be changed to fit your website or application. Our charts can even be watermarked with your company logo.

Customizing your widgets helps highlight your branding and provides your readers with a coherent user interface. Our solution is fully white-label. FinancialContent works on the back end to help you make the most out of your stock market data solution.

Our support team is easy to reach and will work with you to meet the user interface goals of your website.

Whether you are interested in our charting API or stock market widgets, contact us to find out more about customizing the display to match the look-and-feel of your website or application.

Did you know that FinancialContent carries general economic data?

The Economy Widget is a great way to display datapoints that your readers can relate to. This widget gives an insightful recap of the overall health of the U.S. economy. Macroeconomics are an integral part of business news coverage.

FinancialContent can customize the look-and-feel of this widget to meet your needs. If you are interested in these displaying these datapoints on your website, we can also add them to an existing widget!

to find out more.

Use these widgets now - get the code here.

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We can take in your headlines or full-text articles or press releases and distribute them on our network of over 250 publishers through a simple RSS feed.

You can tag your stories with stock symbols to show up on InvestCenter pages about those particular stocks. Learn more about feed tickerization here.

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Build you own business news widget from a FinancialContent business news RSS feed.

From our RSS feeds you can gather a business news feed to develop your own widget with content by stock, keyword or source.

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