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Happy Halloween to you and your family from the whole
FinancialContent team.

Halloween is big business. Americans spend close to $7 billion on candy every year! FinancialContent can provide you with all the latest business news on Halloween in a widget form or in hosted finance channel pages. We can even create custom indexes like last year's Holiday Index.

You may have noticed that we have implemented streaming quotes on InvestCenter. Our development team has been working to add streaming to FinancialContent's widgets and hosted finance pages.

View streaming quotes on InvestCenter.

We always strive to make sure you are benefiting from the latest rendering technology to display stock quotes and business news on your website.

Is FinancialContent currently syndicating your headlines? We are making changes to our content parsing engine.

Please contact to make sure you are taking full advantage of FinancialContent's headline syndication service. We can provide you with information on how we are making content surface and to help you make sure your content surfaces on our network of over 250 publishers.