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Microsoft is releasing Windows 8 in ten days. How will this even impact Microsoft's stock price?

The desktop version is set to be released on October 26th. The mobile version will launch on October 29th.

FinancialContent has created a free Microsoft Windows 8 launch widget. Use it in your news stories covering the launch to complement your content with the MSFT stock price. Like all FinancialContent widgets, it is very easy to use, just copy the Javascript code here and use the widget anywhere on your website.

Free Microsoft Windows 8 launch widget

Use this widget for free, grab the code here.

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We have developed a free featured ticker widget that allows you to display any symbol next to the price, change, percentage change.

This widget can display any data point that is part of our data service. Lookup any ticker symbol here to make sure we carry it.

Featured Ticker Widget

Use this widget for free, grab the code here.

Use this widget to highlight a stock price in an article or anywhere on your website. It can be added to any page through a simple Javascript include. Just copy the code on this page, add the ticker symbol of the stock you want to display to the end of the URL and paste it in your HTML code.

For example: to display Apple's stock price, add AAPL after the ticker= in the URL like in the example below:

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