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Dear Clients,

FinancialContent is starting a monthly newsletter! You are important to us, and we want to keep you and your colleagues informed about all the latest information on our products and how to make the best use of the service that you are already using.

For our first newsletter, we wanted to give you a quick presentation of FinancialContent's background, team and mission.

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The FinancialContent Team

FinancialContent was founded by Mark Dierolf (CTO) with Wing Yu (CEO) and Brian DeWeese (VP, Publishing & Advertising Solutions) joining the executive team. Mark, Wing and Brian put their passion and expertise in web development, data management and the financial markets into providing a solution to publish financial data and news online.

One of FinancialContent's keys to success is the development of an enterprise content delivery platform that comes with monetization capabilities for publishers.

In 2009, we launched InvestCenter and have regularly been adding new features and actively working on product development.

In 2010, FinancialContent launched PRConnect a new service allowing clients to distribute press releases and extend their reach to major media markets across the US.

In 2011, FinancialContent relocated to San Carlos, CA from where our team of 11 employees operates. Even after being in business for 13 years, FinancialContent still retains the entrepreneurial spirit and culture that has made so many Silicon Valley software companies successful.

Today, FinancialContent is one of the world's leading provider of stock market data, business news and content syndication. We serve 250 publishers and more than 300 million widgets and webpages a month.

We have made it our mission to provide an ever growing library of content to our clients. We draw from over 50 different datasets as part of our standard solution and offer additional premium content at the best rates in the industry and only from quality providers.

We actively invest in R&D and regularly launch new products. We will keep you informed of new products and major updates through this monthly newsletter.

Wing Yu, CEO - Wing manages a team of seasoned experts in the online content and financial media industry. Wing works with national publishers and networks in developing revenue models for their online content. Wing applies his expertise in syndication to distributing clients' content across our network. LinkedIn
Mark Dierolf, CTO - Mark has 11 years of web-service platform and database experience. His technical expertise is a key factor in FinancialContent's success. Mark is constantly working on developing new products and services for our clients. LinkedIn
Brian DeWeese, VP, Publishing & Advertising Solutions - Brian has over ten years of experience working with online publishers and their content initiatives. Brian is constantly working with publishers to optimize their use of FinancialContent's products and services. From intergration to monetization, Brian can provide guidance for reaching your content goals. LinkedIn
Stephen Malaster, Director of Business Development - Stephen builds lasting personal as well as professional relationships with clients. Stephen applies his 30 years of experience in assessing clients' needs and providing them with the right solution. LinkedIn