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Keeping tabs on the US Economy

At FinancialContent, we are always working on developing new widgets for our clients to get the most out of their finance or business pages. Whenever we create a new widget, our main focus is on providing our clients with a widget that will display quality content, keep traffic on their website or drive more traffic to their business or finance channel by enhancing the end-user experience.

Due to greater uncertainty in today's market, readers are looking for a high-level recap of the current state of the United States economy.

FinancialContent has created 2 new Economy widgets:

Free Economy Widget

These points are an accurate measure of economy of the United States and make sense to readers who are looking for relevant data that relates to their daily lives. You can add one of these widgets to your website or add one or more of these datapoints to an existing widget.

FinancialContent can customize the look and feel of this widget to meet your needs. If you are interested in these displaying these datapoints on your website, we can also add them to an existing widget! to find out more.

Use these widgets now - get the code here.

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