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To provide publishers with more information on the data and type of content that FinancialContent carries, we have put together a content guide. It includes lists of the data and content that we are currently distributing as well as widget samples.

Stock Market Data

Our web service carries data on all North American stocks as well as other European and Asian stocks.

All major indexes such as the DOW Jones Industrial Average, the Nasdaq Composite or the S&P 500 are part of our content offerings.

Did you know that FinancialContent can set up a custom index based on geography, a sector or from a list of your choosing? This is ideal for vertical / industry publishers or local media outlets.

Business News

FinancialContent works with major news providers to gather relevant business news for our stock market widgets and hosted finance pages.

For more information on the business news and press releases, consult our content guide or check out the articles and press releases on our portal:

Government Data

Does your website, application or blog require government, macro-economic data?

Our web service carries data on interest rates as well as treasuries and bonds.

If you are looking for BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) data such as the price of food or unemployment rates, our economic data widget carries many interesting data points (including the price of beer!).


Our stock market widgets are an easy to integrate, cost-effective solution to display a stock price, historical chart or business news on your website.

Hosted Finance Channel

FinancialContent's InvestCenter product is the top-tier full-content solution for business news.

Newspapers and media publishers use InvestCenter to provide their readers with up-to-date business news and stock market data. Our hosted finance channels are fully white-labelled. We even use DNS masking to show the pages as being on your domain.

InvestCenter is fully optimized for maximum ad-revenue. For qualifying publishers, our team of monetization experts can help you get the most out of your solution.


FinancialContent can power your application or website with our JSON Quote Feed, XML Quote Feed or Charting API.

Learn more about FinancialContent's web services.