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For several years now, FinancialContent has been making free stock market and business news widgets available online.

All of our widgets are pre-monetized, contact us today to remove the ad unit or for help on how to add any of our free widgets to your site.

Our JavaScript widgets are very easy to integrate. Read our widget guide for more information.

FinancialContent's InvestCenter product is extremely versatile. A combination of widgets and a hosted finance channel is the perfect markets and business content solution for any website.

It can be used by financial services companies, publicly traded companies as an IR solution or by online media publishers.

For Publishers

InvestCenter has been optimized to maximize advertising revenue. If you already have partnerships with advertisers, InvestCenter will give you the opportunity to provide your advertising partners with premium ad units. View our ad specification page here for more information.

What sets FinancialContent apart from many stock market data provider is that we can monetize the content for you. Our monetization expert will evaluate your site traffic and set up an optimized InvestCenter solution with an ad-revenue share where FinancialContent will monetize the content for you and send you a check every month.

For Advertisers

Through partnerships with our publisher clients, FinancialContent has acquired a large audience of consumers and investors across the USA that allows our advertisers to get their message out to a targeted audience on a network of over 1,400 trusted online media outlets.

We offer advertising opportunities on our hosted finance channels as well as our stock quote and business news widgets.

Quick Facts

  • Over 1,400 newspaper, TV and radio websites
  • Over 100 million ad units every month
  • 95% of our audience is 18 and over and 75% are 35 and over
  • 55% have household incomes above $100,000/year

Thank you to everyone we met at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas last month. It was a pleasure getting to know more about the digital signage industry and the content delivery options that the players in your space are looking for.

We look forward to putting our innovative content delivery solutions to use in digital display screens across the nation.