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Stock market data in Excel

Download Stock Quotes directly to Excel

We frequently get requests for a Microsoft Excel solution that allows users to download stock market information and import into the spreadsheet.

Our product development team has designed an Excel product that matches the demand for a simple stock
data spreadsheet solution.

Ease of use

print charts newspaper
Use the data in your print charts

  • Enter the ticker symbols you need data for
  • Click "Download Data" button
  • Run calculations or create charts using the imported data


Track your portfolio

This solution is perfectly suited for individuals or professionals in need of a tool to track their portfolio or for "number-crunching". Once the data is downloaded, it is easy to run formulas and calculations on.

Print chart application

Our stock quote spreadsheet product is also a very practical solution to generate print charts. The stock market data can easily be copied and pasted directly into Adobe InDesign or other publishing software to create fully-formatted stock market charts and tables.

to learn more about our stock market spreadsheets.

**This product designed to work in MS Excel running on Microsoft Windows Operating System only.

We thought you'd be interested in knowing what the most searched for company stocks on our entire network are. We didn't include indices like the Dow Jones and NASDAQ because they are searched for 3 times more than even the most popular company stocks.

The most searched stocks on FinancialContent's network are:

#10. NY:CAT - Caterpillar is a key indicator how global industry is performing.
#9. NQ:MSFT - Microsoft is a global technology giant important in the home and enterprise.
#8. NQ:GOOG - Google, the web's know-it-all and the web's largest advertising company.
#7. NY:T - AT&T the one-time monopoly was forced to break up and is now back on top.
#6. NY:XOM - Exxon Mobil was for years the largest market cap company until being surpassed by Apple this year.
#5. NY:F - Ford Motor Company is the epitome of the auto industry's recovery, Ford stock has gone from $2 to $12 in the last 3 years.
#4. NY:IBM - Also known as the "Big Blue", IBM has nearly tripled in value over the last 3 years.
#3. NY:GE - General Electric, the "bluest of blue chips" is known for its consistent history of paying dividends.
#2. NY:BAC - Bank of America is the nation's biggest bank.
#1. NQ:AAPL - Apple now has the largest market cap at over $500 billion. It is the most searched company stock on our network.

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