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FinancialContent has integrated WebSockets, a new protocol that is supported by all the major browsers incluing Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

WebSockets is an exciting new feature that opens a persistent connection between the browser and the server. This allows us to stream data directly to the widgets that are on your site.

This technology, used in conjunction with our latest HTML5 widgets allow us to provide you with streaming widgets that connect your site to the markets in a more dynamic way.

to learn more about adding streaming, HTML5 market widgets to your website.

2013 was a high-growth year with major indexes overtaking their 2007 records. How will the markets perform in 2014?

FinancialContent can provide you with indexes and stocks data such as:

What stocks or indexes do you think will see the greatest growth or what will lag the markets in 2014?

and tell us what data matters to you and your web users and what widgets you would like us to build for your site.

Over the last 3 years, FinancialContent has made significant changes to our office building as well as our machines. The result has been a 40% decrease in power usage.

Not only are we cutting costs, but this allows FinancialContent to do our part for the environment.