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Free 4th of July Infographic

Our friends at Project:Simply have provided us with a great 4th of July infographic to distribute in both print and web formats.

and request the print or web version and we'll email it back to you for free use on your site or publication!

Online Media

Boston Globe Finance Channel

Our finance channel and widgets work great on any online media website. Whether a newspaper, a blog, TV or radio website, a finance channel can enhance your site's performance in the following ways:

  • Complement your original content with stock market information
  • SEO benefits: with DNS masking, all the pages in your hosted finance channel are seen as being yours by the search engines
  • Easy to monetize: InvestCenter was built with online advertising in mind. We have made it easy for you to work with your advertising partners to generate maximum revenue from each pageview
  • Pageviews: keep the traffic on your site! Our finance channel is fully white-label and keeps your web traffic on your site

Learn more and view examples of InvestCenter used by online media here.

Financial Services

Charles Vista Financial Services

Your clients want to have all the latest stock market information from your site. Whether through a simple stock market widget or a full, hosted finance channel, FinancialContent can turn your site into your clients' go-to solution for stock market news and information.

FinancialContent can provide you with:

  • In-depth stock market data including stocks, bonds, ETF's, mutual funds, press releases and more in a tidy solution
  • Enhanced branding. Our solution is fully white-label and allows you to match your site's look-and-feel while keeping your top and bottom navigation.
  • A FINRA-friendly solution. All of our financial services clients have received FINRA approval for the use of our stock market information tools.

Learn more and view examples of FinancialContent's services used by financial service companies here.

Publicly Traded Companies

NFP Investor Relations Page

Communicate and promote your company to investors with custom stock market information tools for your IR page.

  • Display great looking, professional charts and stock price, press releases and SEC filings
  • Have a professional, branded IR page that promotes your company and gives confidence to potential investors

Learn more about the solutions that FinancialContent provides to publicly-traded companies.

Last Month's Facebook Widget

Our Facebook IPO Widget was a huge success and was picked up by many of our publisher partners. In order to help you get the most out of your FinancialContent solution and meet both your business and editorial goals, we are eager to hear your suggestions or feedback on any one-time or special coverage content you would like to see on your finance channel.

Send us your comments, suggestions or feedback to .