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A Robust Syndication Platform

FinancialContent has developed a network of hundreds of online media outlets. Our ever-growing network of publishers is a strong platform to expand your distribution.

Our publisher partners are recognized leaders in the newpaper, TV, radio, vertical and financial media publishing industries.

Retractions and corrections have been made even easier thanks to our new feed management tool, the PRConnect Dashboard. Our support team will also give you access to a tracking API allowing you to retrieve information on where your content is being published.

PRConnect News Parser Changes

As of August 15th 2013, we will be upgrading our news platform to highlight the most compelling content providers. We are focusing our efforts on publishers that use our RSS specs through PRConnect and those publishers who strive to produce high-quality content.

Our PRConnect partners' content will benefit from increased exposure network-wide.

To make sure you're making full use of the PRConnect service, including access to the all-new dashboard and full integration with our upgraded news parser, contact Wing Yu today.

Grow your Distribution Footprint

By providing you with a huge network, feed management tools like our new PRConnect Dashboard, a tracking API and now a more robust news parsing engine, PRConnect can help you grow your business and give your clients what they want in a very effective manner.

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