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Over the last 13 years, FinancialContent has developed and optimized solutions for displaying stock market data and business news on the web.

Our latest offering, InvestCenter is a versatile and turnkey content package. In addition to including the latest stock market data and news, InvestCenter is fully white-labelled and can be branded to match your site's look-and-feel.

We always keep a close eye on what direction the web is taking. Our current focus has been to make our content compatible with the responsive design web development strategies as well as all modern content management platforms. Our device-agnostic rendered solutions are both desktop and mobile friendly.

FinancialContent's rendered products are all compatible with responsive design technology.

Our solutions have been built to work effectively both in the mobile and the traditional web browsing spaces. Everything we develop is fully HTML5 and CMS compatible. By building widgets that are both click and touch friendly, we are helping our client-publishers maximize the number of pageviews generated by their sites.

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Over the years, we have aggregated a variety of data and news to meet our media clients' editorial goals.

invest center

InvestCenter currently includes:

Used in a combination with a complete package of fully-customizable stock market and business news widgets, our InvestCenter package will allow you to provide your readers with all the content and latest news they're looking for.

Once you have determined what content you want and what widgets you need, our support team will get your solution set-up in 24 hours.

We have built InvestCenter to be a turnkey solution that integrates well on any website, including any website using a content management system (CMS).

Send these setup instructions to your web developer and find out how simple integration is.

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ad unit

InvestCenter has been optimized to maximize advertising revenue.

The specific content attracts a well-defined audience. This allows our publisher partners to provide advertisers with a highly targeted and sought after audience to maximize ad-unit performance and payout.

For qualifying publishers, our monetization team can take over your monetization and use our high-CPM advertisers to maximize revenue coming from your InvestCenter solution. Learn more about monetization here or contact Brian DeWeese today.