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How do I increase pageviews and keep traffic on my site?

InvestCenter is a fully white-label solution. Your finance channel is hosted on our servers, but is wrapped in your website's header and footer. This keeps the traffic on your site and allows the users to navigate to other areas of your site once they are done reading up on the latest stock market information.

With DNS masking, InvestCenter also becomes a powerful SEO tool as all the business and financial content is crawled by the search engines and is seen as being on your domain.

How can I use widgets to make my articles more engaging?

In order to drive traffic to your monetized hosted finance channel, we recommend placing stock market widgets within your articles.

For example, when writing an article about General Electric, place a widget that displays the NY:GE stock price inside that article. This keeps your readers informed about how GE is performing on the stock market. Our stock market widgets click through to your finance channel, giving you an opportunity for increasing both your number of pageviews and revenue.

Our stock market widgets are fully customizable both in style and in content to offer your readers the best user experience possible.

for help on adding widgets to multiple pages or setting widgets to display a specific stock or index.

How do I generate revenue from my finance channel?

InvestCenter was designed to offer premium ad inventory to your advertising partners. With InvestCenter, you are offering advertisers a targeted audience that can allow them to get the most out of their campaigns. This offers you, the publisher, the opportunity to maximize your revenue on your hosted finance channel by display high-CPM or CPC ad units.

If your site and finance channel generate significant traffic, FinancialContent can help you monetize your InvestCenter solution and increase your ad-revenue. For qualifying publishers, our monetization specialists manage all or a portion of your advertising inventory and bring in our advertising partners to fill that inventory.

Learn more about our monetization services by .

How can I increase traffic to my business articles?

FinancialContent can take in your RSS feed of headline news and distribute it on our network of over 250 publishers to increase traffic to your site and to give your brand more exposure.

By tagging ticker symbols inside your RSS feed (read documentation), your headlines will appear on relevant pages on our network.

for more information on content syndication.