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Refer a new client and get $750!

FinancialContent is launching a new referral program!

We thought we'd kick off the new year by rewarding our loyal clients. We have had a channel partner program for several years now, and we want to open it up to all of our clients.

For any new customer you refer to us that signs up for FinancialContent's services, we can write you a check for $750**

today for more details.

**Promotion subject to change. Contact representative for details

At FinancialContent we are always working on developing new features for our products. 2012 is an exciting year and we will be offering many new features to our services:

PRConnect 2.0

With PRConnect 2.0, you will get more control and have quicker access to your press release distribution service. PRConnect 2.0 will include a dashboard allowing instant access to your distribution stats as well as controls to test and update RSS feeds in real-time. Learn more about PRConnect.

Real-time BATS Trading Data

One of the new features planned for 2012 is the addition of real time pricing data for Nasdaq & NYSE equities, sourced from BATS Trading. This data covers a significant percentage of the US equities market, and will be available fee for all of our existing clients.

Streaming updated data for browsers

Along with the additional real-time data, we will be offerring streaming pricing updates on our hosted pages. When you are viewing a ticker symbol, the data will update in your browser as new data comes in — reloading the page to update data will no longer be necessary.

HTML5 & metadata support

While our current code works perfectly in HTML5, we will be using some of the new features of HTML5 to render content, which will replace the Flash content we currently use in certain areas of our pages. In addition, we will begin tagging our pages, so that they can be linked to more easily on social networking platforms.

New, asynchronous widget code

Many of our clients are using widgets which load synchronously - which means that your page will not load until it has finished loading our widgets. We have developed new code that loads asynchronously, which improves page loading speed, and is more tolerant of network delays or other connectivity problems. For 2012, we will be expanding this concept further, using a dynamic iframe with HTML5 postMessage functionality, which reduces the footprint of our code by more than 40%, speeding up the loading of widgets.

Contact to find out more.