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FinancialContent has developed various stock market data and business news content for multiple uses. Our clients have used our data solutions in different industries and across multiple technological platforms.

Online Media

Radio, Television, Newspapers and Web-only media all use FinancialContent's InvestCenter solution. InvestCenter is optimized to generate advertising revenue for publishers who manage their own relationships with ad networks. InvestCenter also comes pre-monetized and advertising inventory can be used to offset the cost of the solution for qualifying publishers.

Financial Pages

Financial Advisors

Financial institutions as well as financial advisors use StockCenter. We have developed an advertising-free solution for financial services companies who need to display stock and index data as well as news (by ticker or by category / industry). StockCenter is a cost-effective and optimized solution for many different financial services companies.

Our solution is FINRA-friendly as all of our StockCenter clients have received approval from FINRA to use FinancialContent widgets on their websites.

Publicly-Traded Companies

FinancialContent can provide publicly-traded companies with a clean, simple, customizable and cost-effective investor relations solution. ShareCenter is an ideal IR platform that allows companies to display stock price, latest news, press releases and SEC filings.

FinancialContent powers many corporate intranets to allow your employees to get up-to-date information about your company's share price as well as competitors' or industry stocks. Our stock market widgets will work on any website.

Digital Signage

For a reliable and cost-effective quote feed service, many digital signage companies turn to FinancialContent. We can provide you with stock quotes as well as news headlines for various digital display uses.

FinancialContent will be attending the 2013 Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas on February 27th and 28th. Contact Stephen Malaster to set up a presentation or meeting.

Digital display monitor

Wire Services

content syndication

Distribute your clients' press releases on FinancialContent's network of over 100 publishers with PRConnect.

We are currently developing PRConnect 2.0, a brand new PRConnect solution that will include a brand new dashboard allowing PRConnect users to manage their press releases and track feed status as well as other critical information.

Our stock market data and business news solutions are platform-independent. Whether you are using our JavaScript-based widgets, our XML or JSON feeds or any other solution, FinancialContent can get you the content you need.

Mobile / Tablet

FinancialContent can power the content on your iPad, iPhone or Android device. We actively support many tablets and phones. Our solutions for stock market data and business news scale very well — our reliable platform will not leave you stranded. Read our documentation page on actively supported platforms.

Our R&D team always takes new platforms and technology into account. Our platform grows with all new innovations so that we can provide our clients with compatible solutions.

ipad stock market data


From widget packages to monetized or ad-free hosted finance channels, FinancialContent can bring you all the stock market data, press releases, SEC filings and headline news your site needs. All of our widgets are customizable, both in content and in style. FinancialContent will work with you to provide you with widgets that match your site's look-and-feel.

MS Excel

MS Excel

FinancialContent has developed a Microsoft Excel-based solution that allows the user to import financial data directly into a spreadsheet for analysis or generating print charts.