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We wanted to highlight Ask.Com's deployment because it is a great illustration of how to integrate our Web Services, Financial Pages and Monetization Services.

Stock Ticker Search API

When using Ask.Com's search engine, you can directly enter a stock ticker (i.e: MSFT for Microsoft)


Charting API and Web Services

The search engine then uses a combination of FinancialContent's stock ticker search API to find the stock in question and our web services in conjunction with our charting API to generate a financial chart. Upon clicking on the chart or on the ticker symbol, the reader is taken to Ask.Com's hosted finance channel.


Financial Pages and Monetization Service

Ask.Com is using FinancialContent's hosted finance channel that allows them to provide their readers with all the market information they're looking for. Ask.Com is also using FinancialContent's monetization services in which we help fill their ad inventory by bringing them quality advertisers.


to learn more about our ad-supported finance channels.
for more information on our Web Services, APIs and stock market widgets.

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