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Apple's cycle of smartphone launches always impacts the company's stock price. With every announcement made by Apple, the markets react strongly.

To provide your readers with real-time coverage of this important announcement, FinancialContent has created 2 free Apple widgets: a stock quote widget and a headline news widget. You can grab the JavaScript code and add these widgets to your articles covering Apple's new iPhone launch.

Apple Stock Quote Widget

Use the Apple stock quote widget on your website by grabbing the code on this page.

Apple News Widget


Use the Apple news widget on your website by grabbing the code on this page.

FinancialContent can create custom business news content to help you meet your editorial goals. We can put together a news-by-ticker widget, a custom index of companies by industry or by geographical area or a stock quote widget that matches your website's look-and-feel.

Steve Ballmer is being replaced as CEO of Microsoft (NQ: MSFT). How has Microsoft's stock price changed with the news? How will the stock react once the company names a successor to its CEO.

Use the Microsoft stock quote widget on your website by grabbing the code on this page.

If it's important for you to keep your website connected to the markets but you aren't necessarily looking for a solution as in-depth as our white-label pages, FinancialContent can provide you with a cost-effective package of widgets.

This is an ideal content solution for financial services companies. Charts, ticker bars and business news JavaScript widgets are very easy to add to any website — including websites built with a CMS like Joomla or WordPress.

All widgets can be stylized and customized to match your website's look-and-feel. Featured below are a few FinancialContent widget users.

To view more examples of FinancialContent widgets, click here. All of our clients have retained FINRA compliance while using FinancialContent's stock market widgets.

To provide your reader with the most in-depth coverage of the markets, FinancialContent's InvestCenter package is the way to go.

InvestCenter can be used for media, financial services, blogs or even corporate intranets to provide your readers with live coverage of the markets and all the data they are looking for.

The way it works is that we provide you with widgets that can be used anywhere on your website as well as a fully white-label finance channel that can be wrapped in your site's HTML so that your readers never go off-site. InvestCenter can be used as a revenue-generation tool with easy monetization or ads can be disabled if you are using it simply as an information tool for your clients.