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The stock market data industry is not simple. Whether it's managing huge amounts of data, dealing with entitlements or understanding the technical aspects of displaying data on a website, you shouldn't have to shift your focus off your editorial, marketing or development goals — which is why we've put together FinancialContent's Guide to Everything You Need to Know About the Financial Data Industry.

Our goal is to help you understand the essentials of integrating stock market data onto your site, blog or application.

What are stock market widgets?
Stock market widgets are javascript-based display solutions that are used to show certain datapoints, news or charts on any page of a website. Stock market widgets should include a stock lookup box which allows readers to search for any given stock, mutual fund, index or commodity. FinancialContent widgets click through to a finance channel where the reader can find in-depth information on the stock market.
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What is a finance channel?
A finance channel is a templated and fully integrated solution for stock market data, news, regulatory filings, press releases and more. Stock market widgets on a website link to a finance channel which offers an interface that makes it easy for a site's readers to look up all the financial information - inluding stocks, treasuries, bonds, interest rates, commodities and more.
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What are the advantages of a white-label finance channel?
Publishers need financial information (charts, prices, indexes, news...) to complement, not overshadow their original content. A white (or private) label solution allows a publisher to maintain control of branding with a solution that integrates seamlessly and matches the look-and-feel of a website.
What is a hosted finance channel?
The InvestCenter finance channel (for example) is hosted on FinancialContent's servers. The data or content provider handles all bandwidth and technical support issues and works on the backend to make sure all the latest stock market data and information is available for a site's users at any time.
Content Syndication
FinancialContent can take in RSS feeds and distribute headline news articles on its network of over 250 publishers helping drive traffic back to syndication partner websites. It is possible to tag news stories with ticker symbols so that they show up on relevant pages on the network of publishers. Syndication is also available to wire services and press release distributors by using a syndication platform like PRConnect.
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What is an HTML wrapper?
A finance channel can be "wrapped" in a website's header and footer. This makes it easy for readers to navigate to other sections of a site once they have finished looking up the stock market information they were interested in. This also gives publishers full control of branding and keeps the finance channel consistent and up-to-date with the rest of the website.
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Custom Indexes
Local news sites frequently require custom indexes for their area or a specific industry in order to complement their editorial focus. Based on geographical location, industry or any custom list of companies, FinancialContent can calculate a custom index for your site that will update throughout the trading day.
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Why use DNS masking?
To maximize the SEO benefits of a finance channel and to take white-labeling a step further, it is best to use DNS masking. This tells the search engines that the content is on your domain. Instead of having a URL like:, your finance channel URL will read: