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Using stock market data in your news articles

Apple announced earnings yesterday, April 23rd 2013. Did you cover the story? Did you have live data to back up the content of your news articles?

Did you hear about Apple ceding its top market cap position to Exxon Mobil?

FinancialContent's specialty is providing news editors with the tools to complement their business news stories. Whether that content is stock prices, charts or business news headlines, we can help you keep your focus on writing original content.

Whether you use a widget package or a full-blown hosted finance channel, FinancialContent has a solution for you.

Our widgets are very easy to integrate. We provide you with the JavaScript code and you can use the widget on any page of your website. You can pass any ticker symbol in the URL to display the stock price of the company you're covering.

For qualifying publishers, FinancialContent offers pre-monetized solutions where our team of monetization experts can help you maximize revenue on your business news content.

FinancialContent carries spot pricing for commodities like gold and silver. If you're covering the current drop in gold prices in your editorial content, use one of our widgets to highlight your article with a historical chart.

Our solutions include the price of commodities as well as latest news on the topic. To view the data FinancialContent carries on gold, click here.

Are there any custom data points you want to use on your website?

FinancialContent can calculate custom indexes by geographical area, sector or any custom list of companies you want to cover.

Contact us today and let us know what you need.