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Financial Pages

Deseret News Finance Channel

Our financial pages enables you to provide your users with all the financial and business news that they are looking for.

We offer relevant and optimized financial pages for your website. They include global stock market data, financial news, regulatory filings and more. Using our cutting edge technology platform, we can seamlessly integrate these pages into your website. With DNS masking, our finance channels appear on one of your subdomain, such as:

We draw from over 50 different datasets which allows us to provide publishers with all the premium content that readers are looking for.

When used in conjunction with our stock market widgets, a hosted finance channel is a powerful monetization tool.

Stock Quote Widgets

Stock Quote Widget

FinancialContent's stock quote widgets can be placed on any of your website's pages. Our widgets are fully customizable and are designed to match the look-and-feel of your site.

If you use a combination of stock market widgets and a hosted finance channel, users clicking on a widget on any page of your website are instantly sent to the finance channel where they get access to additional business data and news.

Our finance channel are easy to monetize and will increase your site's revenue-generation potential. You will be making the most of your site's traffic and keep your readers on your domain.

Custom Indices

Stock Quote Widget

We can provide you with a stock market widget that displays stock market information on local stocks or by sector in the form of a watchlist or an index.

Many of our local newspaper clients opt for this solution as it allows them to keep their readers informed about the local economy.

This solution is also very complelling for magazines or vertical publishers as you can display stock market information on your sector of interest.

Stephen Malaster to get your own hosted, private-label finance channel.

A wrapper file is an HTML file which is hosted on your website, and contains the header and footer for your site, separated by a placeholder which our system uses to insert our templated content.

If you are using a content management system, the simplest way to set up a wrapper file is by creating a new page in your CMS, which contains the following HTML tag:

If you are not using a CMS, you will need to manually upload a new HTML file to your server which contains the header and footer HTML which you wish to use, separated by a placeholder.


For additional information on setting up a hosted, white-label finance channel,

By syndicating your content on FinancialContent's network, you can drive more traffic back to your website. We can take in your RSS feed and distribute your headlines on our network of over 200 branded publishers in the United States.

By syndicating on FinancialContent's network, you can create news feeds that will appear on all of our major syndication partners' finance channels, distribute your news and reach all the major media markets across the US effectively increasing your site's monetization capabilities.

WingYu to learn more about our syndication solutions.