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JSON Quote API - Version 2.0


Our Javascript Quote API allows you to quickly and easily integrate market data into your web application, using a simple request-based API

Requesting Data

To request data from our servers, you insert a <script> tag into your web page. The 'src' parameter for this script tag controls which symbols are retrieved.

For example, to request a stock quote for Cisco Systems, you would insert the following:

And to request a quote for Microsoft:

Multiple symbols can be requested by adding a '+' character between them:

Understanding the Response

Once data has been requested, it is loaded into a variable named 'quote', which is an Associative Array. Using Javascript you can retrieve data from this array, and dynamically write the data wherever you like on your web page.

For example, to access the record for Microsoft you would use the following: quote['MSFT']

However, since each record is only a collection of fields, you would also need to specify which field to access, such as the Last Trade Price: quote['MSFT']['Last']

A number of fields are present, and more are being added as they become available.

Current Fields

Field Meaning
Ticker Ticker Symbol
Last Last Sale Price
Open Open Price
Bid Bid Price
Ask Ask Price
BidSize Bid Price
AskSize Ask Price
High Day's High Price
Low Day's Low Price
PrevClose Previous Day's Close Price
Volume Cumulative Volume
Exchange Primary Trading Exchange
TradeTime Last Trade Time (milliseconds since Jan 1st 1970)

Live Example

Sample Source Code

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