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Free Market Snapshot Widgets

The following stock quote widgets are free to use on your site or blog. Just grab the Javascript code and paste it on as many webpages as you want.

The following free widget displays the Nasdaq, S&P 500, NYSE, AMEX as well as 10 and 30 year yields and includes a quote search box.

Free Market Snapshot Widget

Use the following code on your website:

Free Stock Quotes for Websites

This stock market widget is free and can display stock tickers of your choosing by adding the symbols to the Javascript code in the box below. For example, FB stands for Facebook, Inc. you can replace it with any ticker symbol, for example AAPL for Apple, Inc.


Customize this widget

Copy the JavaScript code and add tickers to the end of the URL with a + symbol between them. In this example, we added $COMP (Nasdaq), $SPX (S&P 500), GOOG (Google), FB (Facebook) and MCD (McDonald's). They can be removed and/or replaced with any ticker you want to display pricing on.

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