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FinancialContent Free Stock Market Widgets

Below is a list of all of FinancialContent's free widgets. They can all be used on blogs or websites to give your news stories more context or in-depth stock market information. Implementation is very easy. Just copy and paste the Javascript include on any page of your website.

Stock Ticker Widget
This stock quote widget can display any quote that is part of FinancialContent's standard data service, including indexes like the Nasdaq. Grab the widget here. This widget includes a stock chart for the specific ticker you entered.
Forex and Currency Exchange Rate Widget
This widget will display live currency exchange rates. Perfect for use on any information as well as forex or currency exchange website. Use the code here.
Bitcoin Widget
This widget displays the Bitcoin to US Dollar exchange rate.
Economy Widget
Our free economy widget displays data on the US Economy. This widget provides your readers with data that relates to their daily lives like the price of a bag of groceries, the price of fuel or the unemployment rate. Check out the free economy widget here.
Featured Ticker Widget
Add any ticker symbol carried in FinancialContent's data service to the end of the URL of the Featured Ticker Widget and add it to your site to complement your news stories, articles or blog posts about any publicly traded company. Grab the code here.
Stock Market News Widget
This free widget gives you top market news headlines. This javascript widget is easy to implement. Just copy the JS code here.
Microsoft (MSFT) Stock Price
This free widget displays the stock price of Nasdaq:MSFT. It also includes an intraday chart. The code for MSFT ticker widget can be found here.
Facebook (FB) Stock Price Widget
These two free widgets display the Facebook (FB) stock in an easy to use, copy and paste Javascript Widget. Grab the code here.
Apple (AAPL) Stock Price
This free widget displays the stock price of Apple:MSFT. It also includes an intraday chart. The code for AAPL ticker widget can be found here.