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Mutual Funds and ETF Data

We carry mutual fund and ETF data and news.

Using FinancialContent's services, you can display the following datapoints for mutual funds and ETFs

  • Most active ETF's
  • Largest Mutual Funds
  • Percentage Gainers / Losers
  • $ Gainers / Loser
  • 52 Week Highs / Lows
  • ETF News Headlines
  • Most Popular Funds and ETF's
  • Mutual Fund News

All of these datapoints can be displayed in any widget and are included in our InvestCenter solution.

We also have data feed options for application developers.

Examples of ETF and Mutual Fund Widgets

Popular ETF Funds

popular etf funds

Mutual Fund News

mutual fund news

ETF News

etf news

Recap of ETF's and Funds

etf fund recaps