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Major and Custom Indexes

FinancialContent's stock data service carries data on all major indexes. We are a licensed distributor for the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index as well as the Nasdaq index.

We can provide you with a customizable stock market widget to display information on the world's important stock markets including news, highs, lows, $ and percentage changes.

Get a stock market index data feed from FinancialContent, which includes:

  • Foreign Exchanges
  • DOW JONES Industrial Average
  • S&P 500

Get all of these datapoints:

  • Value / Price
  • Percentage (%) Change
  • 1 Year Percentage (%)
  • Index News
  • Charts
  • Intraday
  • End of Day

Example of Market Indicator widgets

Market Summary Widget

market summary

Market Indicators Watchlist Widget

major indices