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Data Partners

We work with Nasdaq OMX, Dow Jones Indexes and SIX Telekurs to provide data from the U.S., Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Nasdaq Logo
Nasdaq OMX

NASDAQ OMX is the one global exchange dedicated to helping those who dream it, do it. Every day, we give the world?s most innovative ideas the most innovative means of execution. In the idea-first world of business, NASDAQ OMX connects buyers and sellers, visionaries and experts, dreamers and doers. Together, we transform the global economy.
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Dow Jones Indexes

Dow Jones Indexes is a leading full-service index provider that develops, maintains and licenses indexes for use as benchmarks and as the basis of investment products. Best-known for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Dow Jones Indexes offers more than 130,000 equity indexes as well as fixed-income and alternative indexes, including measures of hedge funds, commodities and real estate. Dow Jones Indexes employs clear, unbiased and systematic methodologies that are fully integrated within index families.
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SIX Telekurs

As the third largest provider of financial information in Europe, SIX Telekurs specializes in the procurement, processing and distribution of international financial information for investment advisory services, fund administration, portfolio management, financial analysis and securities administration.

The database of structured, encoded securities information maintained by SIX Telekurs is unparalleled throughout the world in terms of both depth and data coverage. A global network of market specialists procures real-time stock exchange information at source from the leading financial centres.

With offices in 23 countries, SIX Telekurs combines the advantages of global presence and local know-how.

As the official numbering agency for Switzerland, Belgium and the Principality of Liechtenstein, SIX Telekurs is responsible for allocating Swiss security identification numbers ("valoren numbers"). It is a founding member of the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA) and leads the way in introducing standards aimed at simplifying trading and securities administration.